Jenny Who?

Knock Knock, Who’s there? Jenny. Jenny who? That’s your name.

That joke was the bane of my measly existence back when I was stuck in a hellhole called “primary school.” My sole purpose of naming this blog, “The Jenny Who” is to take back the power and wear it as a badge of honour. (Yeah, I’m salty as fuck.)

My life is a joke. So, why not immortalised it on the internet?

The Origins of A Once Empty Shell of a Blog 

Many moons ago, when I was a wee young lass, I created a web domain called “The Jenny Who,” where I documented my idiosyncratic musings. It was a mirage of emotionally-charged, and I daresay, hilarious rants about my pathetic high school life. Main topics: my inability to focus on schoolwork, why I hate school, why hating school may be counter-productive, why procrastinating via blogging is redundant and many other absurd topics about school.

Due to the harsh reality of life, My motivation slowly began to erode away and the domain became an empty shell.  So, I re-branded it and re-branded it again, but nothing compares to the unparallel banter of the glory days.

Now after much thinking, I decided to bring it back! Not just the rants per se, but, additional journalistic content which I have been doing as a freelance writer for Star Central Magazine. Thanks to them, I became a cultured pseudo-intellectual as I had covered events from the Actor awards, fashion events, movie screenings and beauty pageants. #ShamelessHumbleBrag

I’ve recently come back from a journalism placement from Mongolia and written a few articles for the Mongol messenger. I had a hell of an adventure.

What to expect from this blog?  This blog is a chaotically organised mess, so there is no specific area of interest, that I would write about really. Versatility is key when it comes to writing.  I’m a journalist-in-training (by no means a professional.) Therefore, I am practising my ability to find stories, and this blog gives me an excuse to write. One week, I feel like writing about my fashion and beauty inspirations or write about my insights on a particular book I am reading or something I feel like it is important in the news. This blog is a way of compensating for my very, very, very heavy theoretical media degree.

Also, this blog is a space where I vent my frustrations on current affairs and media frenzies, as well as a domain where I write passionate, borderline creepy love declarations to television shows and books that intrigue me.

What’s in store for me next?

Probably, plan another journalism placement to another enigmatic country where my sadistic ass gets a good laugh at the people for asking me WHY I want to go there. Yeah, I probably do a Masters in Journalism/International Relations and furthermore do research in a specific area in media, eventually leading up to doing my PhD. ( Can you tell how much of pseudo-intellectual I am? Four freaking degrees. Crazy!)

UPDATE: Right now, I’m doing my Master of Strategic Communication at UTS and doing many more amazing journalistic endeavours with Star Central Magazine. Currently, I’m trying to expand my blog and coming up all sorts of journalistic content. WATCH THIS SPACE!